4 Best Sex Positions For Lazy People.

When it comes to wild and crazy sex positions, people’s minds don’t usually leap to the spooning sex position.

Spooning is lazy. It’s not always easy to orchestrate, and it’s often featured in porn.

This is actually a pretty darn shame, because, if you do it right, the spooning sex position is one of the hottest around.

1. It’s easy and kind of naughty. 

It doesn’t require a lot of work or skill.

Well, neither does the spooning sex position! In fact, it’s even easy going on the men, requiring very little thrust for penetration without having to hold up their body weight, either!

Plus, still it’s sex from behind it’s still dirty and sexy without going to the hassle of breaking out the sex swing.

It’s ideal for lazy kinksters.

2. It’s really intimate 

That’s because your bodies are totally aligned.

Throughout the entire encounter you guys are skin to skin, inch for inch.

You can probably even feel your partner’s heart beating.

Sure, there’s no eye contact, but when your body is that in sync with another person’s body do you really even need eyes?

I mean that figuratively, duh.

3. The spooning sex position is ideal for neck kissing.

If you are anything like me, and you might just be, you love getting kissed on the neck.

Or maybe it’s ear nibbling that does it for you.

If either one of these are your jam of all jams, then you need to try this position.

He might not be able to kiss your mouth, but all the better, for now, he has no excuse but to lavish your neck with the kisses you crave.

Oooh I got all tingly just thinking about that!

4. It’s equal opportunity 

Your man might have a small penis.

Your man might have a big penis.

Either way, you’re in luck!

It doesn’t matter what size his penis is in this position, the sex is going to feel amazing.

It’s all about the angle of your pelvis and yours is just ideal in this position.

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