5 Things A Man Can Do To Get More Sex From His Wife

To know how to get your wife to want more sex with you, here are 5 simple things you as a man to get it:

1. Make dinner.

Oh yeah! Does your wife complain that she feels tired and overwhelmed? If yes, take that cue and do something to help her remove one of her things to do, especially when you want sex!

When women are rested and relaxed, they are able to give more, including sex.

2. Give her massage.

No, it doesn’t have to be a 90-minute spa massage. If she’s sitting down, take a few minutes to rub her feet. If she’s doing something around the house go over and give a shoulder massage.

3. Talk to her.

Yes! Ask her how’s she’s doing? How was her day? What was work like for her? How did it go with the kids? What was the toughest thing in the day for her?

Just by asking her one of these questions and genuinely listening to her, you will send her a message she matters. Again, this will help her brain prep by releasing oxytocin — the hormone that’s also released during orgasms.

4. Forget your phone for the evening.

If you are someone that’s always on your phone that means there’s a highway to your phone and a dirt road connection to your partner.

Do you think you are going to get sex via that connection? Think again! Ditch the phone for an evening and see the sparks.

5. Don’t just leave after sex.

I don’t mean cuddling if that’s not your style. Stick around and ask her if she needs something.

Ask her plans for the rest of the day or next day. Really show interest in her life. I mean that’s why you are together, right?

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