CONMEBOL Russia-2018 World cup qualifying Final day.

Today is the deadline day for south Americans to finalize their world cup qualifying campaign, as four teams book automatic entry while one nation which finish fifth with get a play off between New Zealand in a two match tie.

All eyes will be on to the matches between  Argentina and Ecuador, which is a crucial game for Lionel Messi and his colleagues which should be a must win for them as well as praying hard for Chile,Peru, Paraguay and Columbia to get negative results in their games.

Only one spot is booked (Brazil), and three automatic spots are to be grabbed today. Below is the table to show you don’t have to miss entertaining games as far as football is concerned.

Table standings

1.Brazil, 38point (+27)

2.Uruguay, 28points (+10)

3.Chile, 26points ( +2)

4.Columbia, 26points (+2)

5.Peru, 25points (+1)

6.Argentina, 25points (+1)

7.Paraguay, 24points (-5)

8.Ecuador, 20points (-1)

9.Bolivia, 14points (-20)

10.Venezuela, 9points(-17)

Note: Bolivia,Ecuador and Venezuela are out.

The bottle necks are among Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Peru and Paraguay.

Uruguay, the only way to be relegated to playoffs is when it loses to Bolivia home, Colombia beats Peru, Chile wins in Brazil and Argentina wins in Ecuador – which combined with Uruguay’s result, makes up a 10-goal differential.

Argentina – Qualifies with a win as long as Chile doesn’t beat Brazil, Colombia and Peru draw or Peru beats Colombia by a less margin than Argentina
Chile – Qualifies with a win. It can also qualify with a draw if Colombia and Peru draw or Argentina fails to win in Ecuador
Colombia – Qualifies with a win at Peru, but will also qualify if Chile loses to Brazil or Argentina fails to beat Ecuador
Peru – Qualifies if it beats Colombia, as long unless Chile beats Brazil and Argentina beats Ecuador by a greater margin. Peru can also qualify with a draw if Chile loses by multiple goals, or if Chile loses by a goal and scores less than Peru. It can also qualify with a draw if Argentina fails to be Ecuador and Paraguay fails to beat Venezuela.
Paraguay – Win and have Chile lose to Brazil and Argentina fails to beat Ecuador.

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