PHOTOS: 3 Absolute Best Sex Positions For Both Men And Women

Knowing the best sex positions can change your entire sex life…right? The answer is not as simple and straightforward as you might think. Knowing the sex positions is just one part of the equation you need to understand to both experience and provides intense to your partner.

1. Reverse Cowgirl

While physically intense, the emotional experience of the woman being in charge can be an equal turn-on to both the man and woman. For a man, watching a woman get on top of him, take charge, and just let go in the moment shows him that she loves and enjoys sex. If you go into this position viewing it as a chore, it won’t have the same effect as it will when you go into it purely focused on your pleasure and his pleasure.

Focus on your body and the sensations you experience. Feel yourself on top of him, and embrace the intensity of the moment. Do not think about anything other than what physical movements are happening as you control how deep he penetrates you. Do not try to “get it over with.” Instead, draw it out for as long as you can, going slowly, changing the pace, and rubbing the tip of his penisagainst you teasing him until he can’t handle it anymore.

2. Girl On Top

This is very similar to the reverse cowgirl in many ways, but different because you can look into his eyes from this position. He can also see the reactions to the sex on your face. When you are lost in the experience, it shows, and he will be extremely turned on by the visual. Seeing your face is as much, if not more of, a turn-on for many men than even seeing your body (though I’m not saying seeing your body is not a turn on).

3. Doggy Style

Why is doggy style so popular and such a common sex position? Because both men and women love it. The psychology behind it is that you will be submissiveand he will be in the dominant role. Being on all “fours” is very carnal, animalistic, and instinctual. And what is sex? Exactly that.

Sex is animalistic. Letting the purely animalistic side out will make you feel free, which means you’ll be much more likely to go with the flow of the moment and be in sync with him. The need to be in sync makes memorizing tricky new sex positions problematic, because if he isn’t going along with your movements, it won’t be mind-blowing. If you learn that relying on instinct is key, you’re going to have amazing sex.


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